Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

"To me, LOVE will always be my mother holding me wordlessly, while I cry my heart out in the dark." (

DAY 128 - May 08, 2010
TITLE: What's on TV?
MEDIUM: Acrylic and Water color

Earring holder I made for my mom. She loves her Filipino Channel! Happy mother's day mommy!

DAY 129 - May 09, 2010
TITLE: Mama Bear
MEDIUM: Pen and Markers


My biggest dream in life is to be a mother. It must be, because I was blessed to have such a wonderful woman as my mother, that I want to be just like her. I want to be able to have her strength and give the undying love she gives. I want to be able to open the eyes of my children, guide them and nurture them the way she has done for me. I can not even describe how amazing my mother is, all I know, is that I am thankful for her. She is my best friend. She is my inspiration. She comforts and has a bottomless well of compassion. She is a magical being who turns the world from gray to a rainbow of colors. I am lucky to have her as a mother and someday, I hope to be just like you.

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