Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hello Seanna Lynn!

As I said in one of my previous posts, March was a busy month full of wonderful things to celebrate. This is Seanna Lynn, my god-daughter. A couple of weeks ago, she and her mommy and daddy came home to Guam for her baptism. It was so exciting to finally meet her!

Seanna's parents are good friends of mine. I'd like to think that I helped get them together. ;) I think the stars must think so too, because coincidentally, Seanna was born on my birthday! I have many friends who have children, and I hope they don't take offense to this, but Seanna is really special to me probably because she is the first of all my friends' kids whose parents are both good friends of mine.

Also, a few years ago, her mom and I had somewhat of a falling out. However, her pregnancy gave us a reason to reconnect. I'm sure we would eventually have found a way to become friends again, after all, we were very close, but I think Seanna definitely helped speed the process along.

It's amazing how babies just open your heart. At her few months of age, Seanna doesn't really do much but sleep and make faces, but I could just hold her for hours and feel completely happy.

Seanna and her parents left earlier this week. I'm crossing my fingers that they come home to stay in the next few months. I would love to be around to hear Seanna's first words and see her take her first steps. It's kind of hard to be a good godmother when your godchild is an ocean away.

Proceed with Caution

When a girl and a guy become acquainted, there is a deliberation period, conscious or not, as to whether or not the other person is worth dating, even if this period lasts just for a split second. This goes with most of the relationships I've had with the opposite sex. After becoming acquainted, we proceed to become friends or other times, we end up dating. It's one or the other.

Once in a while, you meet someone and then your situation isn't quite as black or white. You do this awkward dance on the Friend Zone border which feels frustrated and a bit pointless. Although there are exchanges of flirty words and "accidental" brushing against each other's skin, there is never and clear-cut signs - just avoidance and abrupt subject changes.

DAY 94 - April 04, 2010
TITLE: Proceed with Caution
MEDIUM: Computerized graphic

Welcome to the Friend Zone! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter Everybunny!

DAY 93- April 03, 2010
TITLE: Happy Easter!
MEDIUM: Water color and puff paint

Last night, after work I decided to finger paint/splatter some Easter greetings! Hope you all have a wonderful day!

I am not a very religious person, but I have to say, I really appreciate Easter Sunday. I mean, it is after all the day that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, but aside from that being the obvious point of this special day, it's also a reminder that sometimes we have to make sacrifices and go through hardships, but we all somehow rise from it. It may not be as literal as the resurrection of the Lord, but we all have our way of rising from the dead.


I still haven't quite caught up with my blog! There's so many things I want to write about! I'm starting to feel really disappointed, because this 365 is supposed to be sort of a journal too, but I've just been too busy to write in depth about some of the things that I have been doing.

Here's some 365!

DAY 85 - March 26, 2010
TITLE: Susanang Daldal

Today is my maternal grandfather's birthday. We all endearingly call him Lolo Pico. He loved horses and owned a couple of 'em as well. I just wanted to take this moment to remember him. He's been gone for over 10 years but I still think of him a lot and miss him quite often. He was such a sweet and caring person!!

DAY 86 - March 27, 2010
TITLE: Mango Love
MEDIUM: Pastels

I spent the whole afternoon riding around the southern end of the island, which is always a treat. On the way home, we picked up some pickled mango that left my tongue happy but my tummy feeling funny. Yum! Haha. In honor of mango season, I drew a mango couple. My boy mango digs older mango ladies. :P

DAY 87 - March 28, 2010
TITLE: Sunday Funday

I was chillin' at the beach with a couple of friends and I figured I'd do some doodling in the sand. The boys collaborated by making my hair look crazier. It's a simple doodle, but difficult to do around boys who want to deface your artwork with falic symbols!

DAY 88 - March 29, 2010
TITLE: Awkward Gibbous
MEDIUM: Acrylic

The other day, while driving at about 4 AM, the moon was incredibly huge and entrancing. I didn't have my camera and by the time I came home, it had practically disappeared into a horizon, so I tried to recreate it from memory. When I see the moon at this size, it's usually when it is a full moon, so this is the first time I have seen it this large during the gibbous phase.

My astronomy professor was talking about how this phase of the moon is slightly awkward and no one really likes it. She also mentioned how she's seen very few paintings of a gibbous moon. Now that I've made an attempt at it, I can totally see why.

DAY 89 - March 30, 2010
TITLE: Unbound
MEDIUM: Markers

Sometimes, being single sucks, but it's pretty awesome knowing that you're no longer bounded to anyone who isn't meant to be for you.

DAY 90-91: March 31 and April 01, 2010
TITLE: (Work in Progress)
MEDIUM: Pencil, Acrylic

Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the piece I'm working on. :) I wanted to get the painting done by DAY 90, to celebrate three whole months of art, but I didn't quite get to it.

DAY 92: April 02, 2010
TITLE: Cupcakin'
MEDIUM: Mixed - Acrylic, Water Color & Pastel

This is the offspring of DAY 90 & DAY 91. I had so much fun with this one! I used acrylic for the background, and cut-out cupcakes using zigzag scissors and threw on some water color and pastels for color. Then, for my favorite part - textured acrylic for the frosting. Mmm. I want one of these in my backyard!

This piece was meant to be a greeting for all the April babies! HAVE A SWEET BIRTHDAY!!!
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