Thursday, May 13, 2010


DAY 132 - May 12, 2010
MEDIUM: Computerized graphic

Life has a way of balancing things out. Yesterday, I was bummed out about hearing all these couples breaking up. Today, I remembered that my friends are celebrating their one-year anniversary. I guess there is still hope after all. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthdays and blues

DAY 130 - May 10, 2010
TITLE: Happy birthday, May Babies!
MEDIUM: Marker

I gave greetings for all the April babies last month and it's only fair that I continue to do monthly greetings. I don't know why I didn't start doing this within the first month of this project. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAY BABIES!
DAY 131 - May 11, 2010
TITLE: Lonely Feet
MEDIUM: Pencil
It seems like everyone is throwing their love away. When you're blessed to find your penguin, you're supposed to cherish them.

What happened to "forever"?

It's hard to be hopeful that you'll find somebody someday when the relationships that gave you hope are falling apart everywhere. Maybe it's time to just give up on the idea of soulmates or true love.

On the flip side, maybe the idea of soulmates is a bad idea anyway. What if you were dealt a shitty one?

Happy Mother's Day!

"To me, LOVE will always be my mother holding me wordlessly, while I cry my heart out in the dark." (

DAY 128 - May 08, 2010
TITLE: What's on TV?
MEDIUM: Acrylic and Water color

Earring holder I made for my mom. She loves her Filipino Channel! Happy mother's day mommy!

DAY 129 - May 09, 2010
TITLE: Mama Bear
MEDIUM: Pen and Markers


My biggest dream in life is to be a mother. It must be, because I was blessed to have such a wonderful woman as my mother, that I want to be just like her. I want to be able to have her strength and give the undying love she gives. I want to be able to open the eyes of my children, guide them and nurture them the way she has done for me. I can not even describe how amazing my mother is, all I know, is that I am thankful for her. She is my best friend. She is my inspiration. She comforts and has a bottomless well of compassion. She is a magical being who turns the world from gray to a rainbow of colors. I am lucky to have her as a mother and someday, I hope to be just like you.

Monday, May 10, 2010

almost there

DAY 120 - April 30, 2010
TITLE: Harmony
MEDIUM: Marker

Remember Day 54's brain and heart conflict? Well, with the completion of 4 months of art, I wanted to celebrate with a positive piece. I'm glad to say that these two are finally working harmoniously. :)

In the very slow process of moving on, I started to welcome to thought of dating again. I met some who I thought I liked, may still like, however my brain and heart had a conference and decided that it wasn't a good idea just yet. Go team! :)

DAY 122 - May 01, 2010
MEDIUM: Nail Polish

I was at Drea's house and she fell asleep, leaving me to entertain myself! I raided her nail polish stash and allowed myself to be inspired by her funky pillows.

I'm rocking cow print nails. Strangely adorable, isn't it?

Unfortunately, as a bartender, I should've known this wouldn't have survived a night of work.

DAY 122 - May 02, 2010
TITLE: College Life

Coffee [X]
Smokes [X]
High-lighter [X]
Super boring book [X]
Tape to keep my eyelids open [X]
Yawning in 30-second intervals [X]

Oh, the life of a college student. I can't wait for the semester to be over!

DAY 123 - May 03, 2010
TITLE: Traffic at the Arcade
MEDIUM: Computerized graphic

While driving home from a late meeting for a group project, I got stuck in some road construction that made me feel like I was in an 80's video game with mazes and stuff.

DAY 124 - MAY 04, 2010

Cinco de Mayo!! My boss gave me a project on the day before Cinco de Mayo to jazz up the specials board.

Break out the tequila, the sombreros, and the dirty Sanchez!!!! :D

DAY 125 - May 05, 2010
TITLE: Parte Dos

I totally forgot to add a cactus to my sign! What kind of Cinco de Mayo would it be if there were no cacti?

I had to work on Cinco de Mayo, which I didn't really mind because I thought it would be fun. The only thing is, it was such a tease because I had to go home and get some papers done. Lame!

DAY 126 - May 06, 2010
TITLE: Blue Tide
MEDIUM: Nail polish

I was annoyed how quickly my "Moo" nails got ruined, so I did my toesies instead.

When did my toes get so stubby!?

DAY 127 - May 07, 2010
TITLE: Mirror, Mirror, on the Floor
MEDIUM: glitter! (on acrylic)

This is to commemorate the disco ball that assaulted me the other day. I was hanging out with a friend and saw a disco ball... and just had to give it a twirl. It landed on me (amazingly, I caught it) and gave me a few gashes.
How many times can you say that a disco ball attacked you? :P

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