Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trust is a Virtue

I've really just been super enthusiastic about school that I have to share.

Today's topic for my International Tourism class was goods, services, and experiences. My professor showed us this video and I'm going to show it to you because not only is it a good business approach, but it gave me the warm and fuzzies. I'm a sucker for these things.

For my sociology class we did an activity where we got into pairs and interviewed each other. I really enjoyed interviewing my partner and a few of the questions I answered made me learn a thing or two about myself.

When I was asked to name a person I admired and what virtues they possessed, I named my grandmother because she is very persevering. She practically had to raise her 9 siblings when she was only 19 years old and has persevered to survive her whole life. I admire that and I wish I was more like her in that way.

I was also asked to name one of my strong virtues and one of my weak ones. I guess this is somewhat something I've had in my mind since I started my Resolution Tree. I chose love as my strong virtue because I do pretty much everything I do with all my heart. I do things because I love my family, my friends, myself and I have love for whatever it is I do.

For my weak virtue, I said I lack compassion. This caused my partner and me to laugh since it is quite odd that I am loving but not compassionate. I kinda just contradicted myself, but there is an explanation. For my friends and family, I have nothing but love for them and will do just about anything, but unfortunately, when it comes to strangers I, more often than not, forget to see past the surface. Sometimes, I just don't try hard enough to see where they are coming from, since they are not close to me.

We did another exercise dealing with trust today. With our partner's guidance, we had to walk around the building blindfolded! I was amazed that I actually did it because I hate not being able to see. It's a control issue I have. My partner did such a good job guiding me, but I was still so terrified. I took these teeny little steps while following my partner's voice. I felt so vulnerable, but by the end of the exercise, I did start to trust my partner. My senses also hightened to the point that I could smell the salt in the air coming from the ocean.

I must have been one of the exceptionally nervous cases because my professor, who was observing the whole thing, had to ask, "Have you been in many bad relationships?"

Oh, you have no idea, sir. :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Birthdays :)

When you come from a big family, there are always going to be birthday greetings to be made! These are the two most recent pieces for my 365 Days of Art:
DAY 26: January 26, 2010
TITLE: Happy Birthday Boom!!
MEDIUM: Computerized vector graphic

This one is for my nephew Marvin, who we endearingly call Boom. We always have funny nicknames for our family members. He turned 20 yesterday.

DAY 27: January 27, 2010
TITLE: Happy Birthday Tita Bambi!

This one is for my aunt, Bambi. She gets the nickname from the word "Bambina" which is the Italian word for "baby girl". I was hesitant to do something Bambi-related because she's probably gotten that all her life, but I caved because I wanted to draw Bambi. :P

Paisley fever and the Social Work Framework

DAY 25: January 25, 2010
TITLE: Notes
MEDIUM: Pens and Hi-Lighter

Hi, I'm Nella, and I am a chronic doodler. All my life, it's always worked out for me in regards to my academics. I guess it helps with my visual learning approach and it made studying more aesthetically pleasing. :)

Now, I sat down and thought about whether I should include this in my 365 or do something else for the day, because I thought "I didn't really put too much effort into this". At the same time, I thought, "I am somewhat expressing a bit of my personality, I'm sharing a part of my day that I thought was really interesting, and I'm making my world a little prettier!"

Then it made me think that my doodling shows that I'm actually happy right now. I feel a little like my old self again.

I think the reason why I wanted to share this with people was I found this lecture for my sociology class really appealing because it highlights the components of our social world today, and helps us all understand how things work. It's a very interesting world we live in! :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

365: Day 23 & 24

DAY 23: January 23, 2010
TITLE: Fever!
Medium: Computerized Graphic

Still sick!

DAY 24: January 24, 2010
TITLE: Paisley Nails
MEDIUM: Nail polish

I thought I'd take use this lazy Sunday to do something different with my nails. Then, I got to doing the nails on my right hand and realized I might have been a little too ambitious. I've been able to do flowers, dots, stripes, and other things using my left hand, but not paisley. I'm going to work on this!! :)

[edit] I attempted to do the nails on my right hand and I succeeded! :P

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