Friday, February 12, 2010

Busy weekend ahead!

Thank God it's Friday! Not that it makes any difference, since I've put off so many of my readings and a few other items on my things to do for the weekend. Boo. This goes against one of my resolutions, so to compensate, not only am I going to take care of everything I needed to do last week, I am also going to make sure to take care of everything due next week, that I know of. I also did 2-hours of volunteering at the Isla Art Center in order to get those required hours out of the way, while the semester isn't crazy yet.

Speaking of resolutions, my friend told me about this art show that I could join. I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it, but the art show would be a great opportunity to hone my talents, as well as promoting social awareness. By joining this art show, I could be a part of a movement that promotes creativity and expression. On Guam, we definitely need more of that. Although I was still hesitant, I looked into it and found out that it will land on my friend's birthday.

My friend wasn't here for her 21st birthday last year, and we're trying to plan a party for her to make up for the fact that she wasn't able to celebrate with her closest friends. So, it actually bummed me out that I can't do the show, making me realize how much I actually want to do it. Luckily, the show is quarterly. I will definitely look out for the next one and keep you all posted on how it goes.

Here are DAY 41 and 42 of 365 Days of Art:

DAY 41 - February 10, 2010
TITLE: Memo Dream
MEDIUM: Computerized graphic

This one is inspired by something I found on on "I WroteThis For You" ( It totally appealed to the Human Resources major in me. At my previous job, I used to call memos "love letters". :)

DAY 42 - February 11, 2010
TITLE: Happy Birthday, Lola!
MEDIUM: Mixed - acrylic, water color, marker, and puff paint

My grandmother turned 86 years old yesterday! This is a little something sweet and simple to remind her that she is loved and means a lot to me. I thought this quote was perfect for the relationship I have with her. Also, she's a teacher!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Raining Cats and Dogs

My friend Tessa took a really cute picture of her cat Raul. I was inspired to do a mixed-media piece of the photo. My interpretation looks nothing like the photo. :-/

DAY 39 - February 08, 2010
TITLE: Raul, Unjustified
MEDIUM: Mixed - water color, charcoal, pastels, and acrylic

After a while, my piece on Raul started growing on me. I realize it wasn't so bad, it just wasn't exactly how I wanted it to turn out. I have to stop being so hard on myself, especially when I'm trying new things. To make myself feel better, the next day, I decided to do a piece on my darling doggy.

DAY 40 - February 09, 2010
TITLE: Nami Love
MEDIUM: Pastels

I was really happy about how this turned out because I'm seeing an improvement in my pastels. :)

Day 37&38

My brother and I were debating about my project. He thinks that 365 days of art means that I have to produce 365 pieces. I, in the other hand, just think that that's INSANE. As much as I would love that, it's a little too ambitious. Some pieces take days to finish and I don't want to rush anything or produce crap just to fullfill my mission. I sat on it for a little bit and thought about what would be fair for this project. I thought about all the different components that get tied together as one piece, or the layers involved in a painting. Since what I wanted to come out of this project is to create art, practice techniques, and express myself daily, I figured that as long as I keep everything documented, then the project is in its course.

A few days later, I was working on a piece that just did not seem to be working out. I wasn't feeling very inspired either and I decided to call it quits before I end up hating the piece completely. This is where I stopped:

DAY 37 - February 06, 2010
TITLE: None yet
MEDIUM: Acrylic

It was a good thing that I stopped when I did. I totally changed direction and was inspired to try something different! I continued the next day.

DAY 38 - February 07, 2010
TITLE: Forgiven
MEDIUM: Acrylic

I was at an art show a few days ago and was really into this piece that had so much texture in it. So, with my newfound inspiration, I used a puffpaint bottle to squirt out some swirlies. Here is a close-up:

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